The POB’s is a group of senior male golfers who play at UCC every Monday morning.  The POB’s (Poor Old ‘Boys’) has been in existence for over 30 years and is now the largest ‘informal’ school in the Club, with between 40 and 50 ‘old farts’ playing each week. Visitors are welcome provided you are an affiliated member of another club with an official handicap.

POB visitor rates R185pp are charged Monday whole day and Tuesday- Friday before 08:00 for visiting POB players over 60.

Each Monday, the POB’s put a ball in the ‘bucket’ by 6.45am (having paid their green fees in the Pro Shop). Balls are drawn out at 6.50am with players allocated to various tees for a shot gun start at 7.00am, with no stop at halfway. The competition is an Alliance with Individual prizes as well.

The principle is that one plays with different people each week, dictated by the random draw. Those needing carts are encouraged to share with different people from time to time.

For more information contact David Yeo (0329462909) or Mike Macey (0325254250) or the Pro Shop (0329471181).

A smaller group of POB’s plays on Wednesday afternoons starting at about 11.00am.